Share your work!

New works are central to our mission. It is with new works that theater grows. New works afford us the opportunity to ask questions that are important NOW in a way that people can hear immediately and in a way that fits today.

But we need your help! You have plays...we have a theater...let's work together!

Please share your work with us if...

  • your work is quirky and inviting
  • you want to challenge and inspire audiences
  • your work is different from what most Montana audiences expect, and
  • you would like to collaborate with community theater artists in Montana

Although we have a particular interest in new works, we will also accept previously produced or published plays for consideration. We will consider short plays, one acts, and full-length plays.

We are committed to working with playwrights throughout their process! Your plays will be considered for...

  • workshops
  • staged-readings
  • full productions

Contact Jessie ( for more information about where we are in our submissions cycle and the submissions process!