Montana Playwrights Festival: Spotlight on Process

This summer, Verge Theater will partner with the Montana Playwrights Network to host the inaugural Montana Playwrights Festival from June 8 to 9, 2018 at Verge Theater in Bozeman. Open to both playwrights and the public, this festival will give those interested in how a play comes to life a backstage pass into the process.

The festival will feature staged readings of plays in development and works-in-progress, showcasing work from talented playwrights around the region. These readings will help both established and emerging playwrights create new work by offering the space to present material before a live audience. It also offers local audiences the rare chance to watch and participate in the very dynamic playwrighting process firsthand.

Friday's reading will start at 7PM and include 3 short plays and a selection from a full-length play. A talk-back will follow each reading. Join us for:

  • Transgressions by Steven Palmer
  • Bananagrams by Leah Joki
  • Killing Pollyanna by Pamela Mencher
  • A selection from Driver’s Ed by C.M. Webb

Saturday's reading will start at 7PM and will a full-length play, Way Station, by Shira Hereld

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To read the biographies of playwrights and descriptions of the plays, click HERE!

The festival will also include three workshops covering a range of topics. All workshops are open to all experience levels. Beginners are encouraged to sign up! Workshops include:

  • Playwriting for Beginners: Pamela Mencher guides participants over, around, and through some of the stumbling blocks many beginning playwrights face. However, don't be fooled, even experienced playwrights will have something to gain! Join Pamela for a fresh perspective on starting a project!
  • Theatre for Social Justice: Join Shira Hereld for a two-hour crash-course in theatre for social change, where we'll discover how to bring today's most relevant and controversial subjects to life onstage. We'll debate the ever-changing definition of "political theatre," craft revolutionary characters and explore ways to engage and excite audiences through playwriting that challenges our most basic assumptions of how the world should work.
  • Freeing Creativity, Achieving Completion: With the guidance of Greg Owens, participants will write and revise original short plays in a workshop environment, focusing on techniques for freeing creativity and achieving completion, then will present public readings of these new scripts hours after they are born.

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Want to join us for everything...(We know you do!). Take a look at the full festival schedule!