Adult Acting

New!!! Two acting classes to choose from...Or you could take both!

Mondays 7-9pm starting March 26th.
Taught by Jayne Maginot
This 9-week class is designed to develop each actor's abilities according to their own goals.
Each actor is emboldened to choose material that interests them.
Each class starts with a series of warm ups that allow the body to open up and relax. Relaxed actors enjoy themselves and they are enjoyable to watch.
Each actor gets a chance to work each week. The work consists of performing acting exercises, then receiving notes (feedback) and making adjustments to hone your performance. Each actor details lessons learned. The goal is not perfection, it is ENJOYMENT. When you are enjoying yourself on stage, the audience is enjoying it, too.
All levels are welcome. Bring your openness and curiosity.

Wednesdays 7-9pm starting March 28th
Taught by Jesse Lagos
In this 9-week class, participants will develop their physical and vocal dexterity, emotional stability, alert thinking, freedom of behavior, and trust in one’s self and one’s fellow actors.
The course will empower each student to apply the basic principles of personalization. Actors will discover and explore their own characteristics, qualities, attitudes, and experiences and apply them to a role being created.
All levels are welcome!