by Bennett Drozic

Once upon a time back in the early 1990s, in Big Sky Montanaland, where I was living, we suddenly and mysteriously ran out of drugs. I then needed something to hold my interest, so I rode my motor car to Bozeman where I discovered Equinox Theatre Company. I soon met founding members Soren and Katie, and enjoyed their mighty entertainments! Through the years Equinox Theatre Company delighted and amazed people with their mission to create offbeat, thought-provoking, heart rending theatre for kids, teens and adults. (stick figures). Many outrageous and madcap plays were performed for all ages, and classes were developed to teach the magic of theatre and create a whole new generation of actors, jugglers, knife throwers, pterodactyl wrestlers, and Jeff Goldblumers.

After many years, running a theatre can become tiring business, mostly because that damn MacBeth snores like the dickens. So, one day Katie and Soren decided to retire to a Dutch Community and the magical theater boat was left without a rudder.  But then, the theatre boat accidentally (not metaphorically) brushed against a smoldering ember and from the ashes rose the phoenix of Verge Theater, spelled with an -er (That is both Verge and theater are spelled with er). Reviving the previous mission statement of the Equinoxians, the new Board of Directors challenged the community to a dual, using as its weapon, funky, risky theater that you’d otherwise have to pay one million dollars and travel by aircar to chicagoland to see. The community responded by flocking to the newly christened theater (with an er...in theater, not in christened). In addition, newly developed curricula were created for the acting and improvisational schools so that children, teens, and adults would fall in lockstep with the Board’s fascist proclamation that citizens should have a good time, since life is generally short (although recent data does reveal that there are over 10,000 Social Security recipients past the age of 100). Lastly Verge (with an er) determined to keep theater cheap so that any and all of Bozeman’s trust funders, and survivors of the Great Big Sweaty Recession of 2000 Aught 8 could save their money to invest in a good candidate.